• Welcome to Little Gobbles Cafe

    …where your food dreams come true.

    Whether you are famished, thirsty or just craving some sweets, we have something for you! With an extensive menu of food, drinks and dessert, we promise to fill you not just with food, but with happiness.

    Everything is prepared lovingly by our experienced and dedicated chefs and staff to ensure you have the best experience while dining at Little Gobbles Cafe.

The Little Gobbles Cafe Story

Seeing smoke from the plate of freshly-cooked nasi goreng, with the aromas of the dish filling your nostrils. Chomping down on warm, flavourful food before washing it down with a refreshing and rich iced coffee. Ending off the meal with the licking of an icy, creamy scoop of ice cream to beat the heat of the day before crunching down on the crispy waffle cone.

Little Gobbles Cafe is about the simple things in life. We want to bring comforting meals like the above to everyone, by putting our best into the food, drinks and dessert we serve. We believe that we can make the world a little better just by satisfying the tastebuds of who visit Little Gobbles Cafe.

So drop by and have a meal – we cannot wait to serve you!





Serving local favourites in a comfortable space, Little Gobbles Cafe is great for large gatherings where friends come together and indulge in a mouth-watering spread of food.
With an extensive menu of meat, vegetable and seafood zi-char style dishes, one will be spoilt for choice. For a quick meal, we also have a selection of individual rice sets served with drinks and soup.


If you are just craving for a little snack, we also serve comfort food like chicken wings and fries, which are also good for sharing!


You have to try our ice cream to find out how amazingly creamy and delicious they are! Best eaten with our freshly prepared waffles.
We also serve chinese-style dessert soups for those who want a more wholesome, but no less tasty option.



If you are interested to enter the F&B sector but lack experience, consider joining the Little Gobbles Cafe franchise family.

We will support you in various aspects for the success of your venture, including setting up, staff training, product development, equipment and technology, as well as marketing and publicity. 

For franchising enquiries, please email [email protected]


If you love food from Little Gobbles Café and would like us to be at your event, please contact us for our catering service.

We have an extensive selection of dishes sure to meet your demands and would be glad to customize the menu based on your requests.


Bukit Timah Shopping Centre 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #B1-14 Singapore 588179

HOTLINE: +65 6466 8114
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/littlegobbles
INSTAGRAM: @littlegobblescafe