Our Chefs

Chef Yong is a third-generation chef, with his grandfather and his father also being chefs. Dedicated to his craft, he learnt cooking from a young age.

He takes great pride in his cooking and is committed to serving up every single dish to the best of his abilities, sparing no effort to even the smallest detail.

After all, he believes that everyone should have access to delicious, wholesome food that is prepared with thought.

Chef Liew, or more affectionately referred to as Auntie Liew has over 20 years of experience cooking in restaurants. Her customers return not only for her fantastic cooking, but also because they regard her as a friend.

Bubbly and motherly, she cooks the best dishes and has the widest smile. Her biggest joy in life is to create meaningful interactions with and amongst people through the language of food.

She believes that food prepared with heart will surely taste good, and the person eating it can feel that sincerity.